Basic Pepper Jelly

This is the most basic of the pepper jelly recipes.  There is no heat added to this basic but I offer this as a foundation for those wanting to experiment with their own creations.  If doing so, one needs to understand that a pepper is a pepper so a hot pepper can be substituted for bells and  even multiple colored bells can be used instead of just green or red BUT the quantities must remain the constant.  Never more than 2 1/2 cups of peppers can go into a single run recipe.  Some people will remember these jellies as red or green.  Often food dyes were used to color the clear vinegar.  Food dyes are finally getting the rap they deserve and it is not good.  Actually the FDA, the last organization to do anything in the name of safety, has removed certain food colors from the marketplace.  Beware, none are good.

This recipe makes 6+ half pint jars.  No testing is required other than insuring the jars are properly sealed. And as with all home canning make sure the jars, lids, counter tops and utensils are sterile.


  • 2 1/2 cups     Peppers, diced in 3/8″ squares (see copy above for types)
  • 1 1/2 cups     Vinegar, distilled
  • 6 1/2 cups     Sugar, white-granulated
  • 1 pack            Certo liquid pectin

Bring the ingredients EXCEPT the pectin to a rolling boil.  Add the pectin and return to a strong boil.  Time for 1  1/2 minutes before taking off burner.  Hot pack according to earlier posted blogs.  The peppers will float to the surface.  Shake the jars as the liquid begins to jell so that the pepper chunks are dispersed throughout and stay.  This has to be done repeatedly until the jelling sets the particles.  As the jelling sets make sure all jars are right-side up.

This recipe can be doubled.  To be successful use a non reactive pot with a thick large bottom of about 10″ in diameter.  Increase the boiling time after putting in the pectin from 1 1/2 minutes to 2 or 3 minutes while checking for sure signs of jelling after 2 minutes.

Not only are pepper jellies over cheese a mainstay entertainment food, they make an amazing accompaniment when cooking pork, chicken and fish.  Slather atop after the cooking is complete.  Allow the protein to finish with the pepper jelly on top.  Serves with it on or removed, either way it will add a demension adored but not likely tasted before.  


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2 Responses to Basic Pepper Jelly

  1. Just what I needed! Maybe that will be my inspiration for the week, keep it coming!

  2. Steve Dowdney says:

    Be my guest! feel free and thank you for the compliment. -steve

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