Cranberry Orange Sauce

     When I was much younger my favorite dining out supper was Duck (Canard) a l’Orange.  Done to perfection little can compete but as heart disease sources became known and common knowledge less and less duck was on menus.  For awhile when I was living on a boat I discover a Duck a l”Orange frozen dinner.  Every night I dined like a French king but knew from what the surgeons said I was taking the short course through life.  Fortunately the company went under before I did.

     I still remember those duck meals and so for my canning book that is due on bookshelves shortly I designed a shelf stable orange sauce for duck, chicken and anything else one chooses to a l’orange-try sweet potatoes.  This morning when I was at Whole Foods picking up some cheeses and grass fed beef I noted a display of fresh cranberries.  Now I have already labored over a Cranberry-Orange Relish (a big seller and in the forthcoming book) for those after Thanksgiving turkey sandwiches so I thought, why not!  Why not create a Cranberry-Orange Sauce just for turkey.  I have been working on the mix all day.  By tomorrow I’ll have a recipe to share with my blogging community.  I have also decided to create a seasonal Cranberry-Pepper Jelly.  I’ll be sharing that one this week also.  Now it’s back to the lab (kitchen).

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