Turning out a Christmas Gift

     I call this Christmas Morning Marmalade for two reasons: It is time consuming to make so only once a year is just fine with me; and, the colors of the preserve are red and green.  It doesn’t get more seasonal that this.

Christmas Morning Marmalade   

3 1/2       Grapefruits, Ruby Red type

2              Oranges, thin skinned

1              Lemon

4              Limes

1 cup       Grapefruit juice, Ruby Red, fresh squeezed

3 cups     Boiling water (for softening the rind)

1/8 teas. Baking soda (used with the boiling water)

1/2 TBL  Butter (optional-used as a natural anti-foaming agent)

2 packs    Powdered pectin

13 cups    Sugar

Instructions-Peel all the fruit and reserve the rind but only reserve half the grapefruit rind.  Cut the peeled grapefruit in half and remove the plugs separating and removing the tough membranes in between each.  Thin slice, seed and quarter the remainder of the peeled fruit.  Remove the white pulp from the rinds and cut the rinds into 1 inch strips 1/16 to 1/4 inch wide.  In the sauce pan of boiling water with baking soda add the lime rind, reduce heat and simmer for 17 minutes and then add the remainder of the rinds and continue to simmer for three additional minutes.  Remove the rinds from the pan, rinse and place in the non reactive canning pot.  Add all remaining ingredients EXCEPT the sugar.  Stirring often bring to a strong boil and hold for 30 seconds.  Add half the sugar and return to the beginning of a boil before adding the balance of the sugar.  Bring the pot to another strong boil before beginning a two minute timed sequence while stirring.  Check for strong signs of jelling.  Remove from heat and fill sterile canning jars and seal with sterile lids in accordance with previous blog instructions.  This recipe make about 14 1/2 pint jars.

     I use two piece lids.  I find a thin holiday fabric and cut pieces to go over the lids about 4 inch square.  When the jars are cool and well sealed (after 24 hours) I remove the ring, place the fabric over the top and replace the ring.  There, a festive holiday gift from the heart.   

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