Home Canning-A New Craze (again)

In the depths of the Great Depression home food preservation (canning) became a most popular family enterprise.  Not only did it gather a family together in a project working side by side it stored inexpensive seasonal foods in the pantry for later use.  The Depression officially ended with Pearl Harbor while home canning diminished slowly as modern techniques like flash freezing and high speed transportation brought fresh foods to all American markets.  But history repeats not just in economics and as reported by Fox News recently canning is experiencing a major renaissance.  And why should it not?  Home preserving today is safe when utilizing the four simple tests provided in both of my canning books,Putting Up and Putting Up More.  When canning our own we use the best and freshest ingredients available not the cheapest and we know exactly what’s in the jar leaving out preservatives, food coloring, chemicals and dried herbs and spices when fresh is available.  The taste is the test.  Even the simplest home canned products are far and beyond better than anything available commercially.   This coming year give the once again new hot pastime a try.  The whole family will want to be a part of the process and there is a chore for nearly all ages  You’ll be glad you did and most satisfied at meal time.  

     Where in the thirties one might can string beans today, off season, we can receive at markets freshly picked string beans from far away places such as Chile, so the modern concept is to make, as a family project, relishes, sauces, soups and additives to enhance at home family dining.  As Putting Up More states, “

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