Tomorrow I’ll be working on a Thanksgiving Cranberry Pepper Jelly. If it works I’ll report along with the recipe but today I’d like to tell a story. A few years ago a senior in our local college would, every weekend, watch me sell. Over the spring she bought both my books and asked me a bunch of questions. Finally at graduation she asked me if she could use my recipes to make products to sell. I told her I’d give her all the help she needed.
SKIP-SKIP ahead two years. She returned to visit just to thank me. Seems she did create a business, seems the business did grow and-get this-her income the second year exceeded her fathers who is a doctor!!!! Commercial canning works! To be successful make only small batches. Use the very best -local if possible- produce available. Sell it yourself locally. Distribution to stores leaves you with pennies while they make dollars. Take advanage of farmers’ markets in yor area. More and more people are not trusting big stores with chemically filled products. This is your advantage plus locals will always support locals. If not get the h…out of the area. If you have a good recipe, use quality produce you’ll do just fine. My recipe books are a good way to start. You will need to get approved by the FDA to become a commercial canner. It is not hard and only takes a long weekend. Some states allow one to use their own kitchen if it is approved. That sure beats the $100,000 facility I had to use in South Carolina. The point is, a lot of people are un or under employed but from my experience eating is the last thing to get cut from the budget. Capitalize on food processing in these hard times to make your life just a little bit easier. -steve

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