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Cranberry Pepper Jelly

This is a spectacular, seasonal rendition of traditional pepper jelly. Instead of bell peppers I used cranberries and rather than jalapenos to bring out flavor with a touch of heat I upped the anti with Serrano peppers-almost twice as warm. … Continue reading

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Tomorrow I’ll be working on a Thanksgiving Cranberry Pepper Jelly. If it works I’ll report along with the recipe but today I’d like to tell a story. A few years ago a senior in our local college would, every weekend, … Continue reading

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Home Canning-A New Craze (again)

In the depths of the Great Depression home food preservation (canning) became a most popular family enterprise.  Not only did it gather a family together in a project working side by side it stored inexpensive seasonal foods in the pantry for later … Continue reading

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New Kid on the Block

There is a little known about this delicious cut of beef called short ribs.  Few partake because of long preparation and the fattiness of the cut scares others.  But enter grass fed, now available at many stores, and arterial clogging becomes … Continue reading

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The Season Begins

Around here the fist big canning crop is strawberries but before this comes asparagus.  Unless one grows her own, these spears are an expensive canning proposition simply because the spears are expensive and there is so much waste.  Once the asparagus is … Continue reading

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Canning Tip

     I spent the morning emptying my refrigerator of partial jars of my home canned delectables.  I took stock. Many were still about half or a little less full,.  They were all still perfectly good but 30 or 40 jars!  Come on, … Continue reading

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Computer Malfunctions

     We cannot imagine how much we rely on computers.  They have become our pens, pencils, paper, libraries, address books, primary mail, newspapers, magazines, bill paying method, and I could go on and on.  I know because the day after Christmas … Continue reading

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Putting Up Tomatoes

     There has been a lot coming down the pike about canning, especially tomatoes.  I have received reports off the web and it was personally reported to me that even Dr. Oz had a negative comment about canned tomatoes.  Now these are … Continue reading

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Turning out a Christmas Gift

     I call this Christmas Morning Marmalade for two reasons: It is time consuming to make so only once a year is just fine with me; and, the colors of the preserve are red and green.  It doesn’t get more seasonal … Continue reading

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Holiday Canning

     Canning can take some of the pressure off of holiday entertaining because the jars can be prepared and stored at a convenient time until needed.  There is little easier than opening a jar of Christmas Pepper Jelly, pouring it over … Continue reading

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