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Cranberry Pepper Jelly

This is a spectacular, seasonal rendition of traditional pepper jelly. Instead of bell peppers I used cranberries and rather than jalapenos to bring out flavor with a touch of heat I upped the anti with Serrano peppers-almost twice as warm. … Continue reading

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Putting Up Tomatoes

     There has been a lot coming down the pike about canning, especially tomatoes.  I have received reports off the web and it was personally reported to me that even Dr. Oz had a negative comment about canned tomatoes.  Now these are … Continue reading

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Seasonal Delights

Often it is the last minute additives that turn a food into something incredible, just think of chocolate pouring over ice cream or the sprinkles we used to request or ice cream cones be rolled in.  The same goes for … Continue reading

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Canning Safety-Temperature

     Temperature is critical when putting up stores.  Time and temperature together solely determine the if a pressure canned product is safe but since there is no way to test a finished product for sterility I’m always reluctant to pressure can at home.  … Continue reading

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Putting Up-The book

Putting Up is the quintessential primer on safe canning. From detailed discussions on each piece of equipment necessary to have a successful canning experience to the use of acids, temperature, vacuum and sterility it is here. This is followed by … Continue reading

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