Putting Up More is author Dowdney’s latest work (due for release Feb. ’11). In part one he reviews again but in not so much detail all safety measures necessary for the practice of safe canning. Along the way he offers many tips for making the canning experience a most enjoyable and long lasting adventure into great tastes. Further, he discusses in detail how the simple canning process can bind a family closer. This is followed by nine chapters, dividing into categories, sixty-five recipes each with step by step procedures and each with a special section dedicated just for serving suggestions, the purpose being to make inexpensive, quick and easy home meals BETTER than restaurant quality. Throughout the volume health, as well as good tastes are on Dowdney’s mind. He makes many simple suggestions that if taken to heart might well prolong quality life without detracting from taste or increasing food expenses. It is said this book is a must for the seasoned canner as well as the novice.